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Brushes Brushes Brushes!

Brushes Brushes Brushes!

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We noticed since we have launched our Beauty Playshop event concept, that we are getting a lot of searches on our online shop for Brushes!!! 

We love Brushes too!!!!!  

Currently, the 16 piece Nude Brush Set with the Rose Gold ferule (Metal part) that is pictured here and on our social media is being offered for attendees of the Beauty Playshops.  If you would like a Beauty Playshop in a city near you, message us at and let us know where! 

We would also love to hear from you all. You guys are the reason we started Atomic Beauty Cosmetics!!! If you would like to see Brushes as part of our online shop for purchase, email us or send us a message on the chat and let us know.  

We love you guys and thank you for supporting us and our 100% indie makeup brand!


Michelle & Sabina